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character bios
  • Mortifera

    Formed during the Dark Ages, Mortifera was an order of knights that hunted and killed demons. Mortifera was started by Elias Gregor after he had served in the Vatican's Exturminata. Elias had grown weary of the Vatican's hardline approach to only working within ecclesiastical guidelines for demon extermination. Elias wanted to use any weapon possible against the demons, sanctified or otherwise. The Mortifera were instrumental in the near genocide of the demons that inhabited earth during the Dark Ages. The Mortifera were also charged with the task of collecting and studying demonic relics.

  • Catherine Gregor

    Catherine is the current leader of the Mortifera. She has dedicated her life to demon hunting, the occult and historical studies. She was raised by Elias Gregor to follow in his footsteps as one of the greatest Demon Hunters of all time. Her strength in combat is a testament to her discipline and capacity for learning. A goal oriented individual, Catherine is seen by many as emotionless in her decision making. This was the case when she summoned one of the most lethal demons in hell to fight with the Mortifera.

  • Ethan Gregor

    Ethan is the brother of Catherine and the son of Elias Gregor. Where Catherine thrived in the studies of the occult, Ethan failed. Ethan found that academics were a waste of his time, as did anyone trying to teach him anything of importance. His father found that Ethan strived only for the combative side of Demon Hunting. He has been an apprentice demon hunter for over six years and because of his lack of drive or ambition, will likely never achieve full demon hunter status.

  • Durin

    The Demon known as Durin walks the earth because of Catherine. After it was discovered that Kanisus had stolen all of the Demon's blood, she desperately sought a powerful ally against the potential demonic second coming. Durin fought with the demons in the Dark Ages and was renowned for his intelligence, lethality and obsession with solitude. His demonic oath bound him to aiding Catherine in destroying Kanisus and his followers. He is the only demon to ever fight on the side of humanity.

  • Elias Gregor

    Elias Gregor was the founder of Mortifera. At one point in time, Elias was part of the Exturminata guard that was formed by the Vatican to eliminate the demon threat during the Dark Ages. He later started Mortifera after realizing he could not combat demons effectively without use of the dark arts, which was strictly forbidden by the Vatican. Elias became famous during the Dark Ages for his knowledge of demonology, military arts, tactics and strategy. His daughter Catherine and son Ethan have both continued the cause of eradicating the demonic threat. Until the day he died, Elias stood against the demonic threat that had once consumed Europe.

  • Exturminata

    After the demonic plague swept through Europe, the Vatican formed a religious order of knights who were charged with the goal of demonic eradication. The Exturminata armed their soldiers with only ordained weapons and forms of combat. Those who dared use the dark arts or occult were subjected to the wrath of the Inquisitor arm of the Exturminata. Ultimately all final decisions were passed through the pope regarding military campaigns and Inquisition requests.

  • Kanisus

    One of the few demons to survive through the Dark Ages and Hell's Siege, Kanisus is one of the most powerful demons in recorded history. His seething hatred towards humanity had become known throughout Europe and was the reason he lead the demons during the Dark Ages. He is an excessively violent, malevolent and devious abomination. After waiting for the memories of the Dark Ages to finally dissipate, Kanisus began formulating a plan to bring more demons back to earth for a demonic second coming.


Mortifera's story revolves around two sibling demon hunters, and a renegade demon that all seek to slaughter the damned throughout medieval Europe.  The Mortifera are an order of knights that use the dark arts against their unholy rivals.

Catherine and her brother Ethan discover the remains of their father, the founder of the Mortifera, who was brutally murdered by the demon Kanisus.  Their father once stood vigil over an aggregation of various demon blood vials.  Through a summoning ritual, a demon's blood allowed a possessor to bring forth a demon from the depths of hell.  Kanisus stole nearly every vial of demon blood, and had the means to amass an army of the damned.

Except for one demon...

In their desperation, Catherine and Ethan summoned Durin to aide the Mortifera.  It now falls on Catherine, Ethan, and Durin to hunt Kanisus and destroy the legion of the unhallowed that now walk the earth.

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Written and Created by Stephan Frost.
Stephan is a video game designer that lives in Orange County, California with his wife Amanda.

Art by Sarah Partington. Sarah is a character and concept artist that lives in Orange County, California

Website by Colin and Mike

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